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  Even through 6 inches of towels the CARDIOCARE Stethoscope continues to perform BRILLIANTLY! 


The CardioCare Stethoscope provides an amazing 37% more sound than the leading cardiology Stethoscope.

The patented Delrin chestpiece prevents ambient noise from entering the sound chamber, allowing clear and pure sounds to be heard. Even in a noisy environment, patient sounds can be heard through multiple layers of clothing. Perfect for listening to heart and lung sounds, bowel sounds, fetal sounds, and even great for taking blood pressures. The pressure sensitve diaphragm enables the listening of both high and low frequency sounds without the need to switch to a bell.

We back our confidence in CardioCare Stethoscopes with a warranty (see specific models for details).

"You have seen them demonstrated at conventions, you may even know a colleague that owns one... Isn't it about time you owned your own CardioCare Stethoscope?"

Independent Lab Report

The following is a laboratory report from Acoustical Physics Laboratories: Acoustical Physics Laboratories has conducted tests to compare the acoustical performance of the CARDIOCARE stethoscope with another major stethoscope manufacturer.

To compare the two stethoscopes, the acoustical output from each stethoscope's earpiece was analyzed as each stethoscope was excited by a reference sound source.

The reference sound source consisted of a 3" loudspeaker in a sealed enclosure. A perforated grill witha felt cover was positioned over the front of the loudspeaker to provide a surface upon which to place the stethoscope. The loudspeaker was driven with random noise from 30 Hz to 20 kHz to a reference level of 3.5 pascals (the pascal is an absolute linear measurement of sound pressure level and is expressed as force per area (newtons/square meter).

The stethoscopes were individually placed in contact with the reference loudspeaker's felt cover. The acoustical output from each stethoscope's ear piece was analyzed by coupling a Bruel & Kjaer 4133 microphone to the ear piece and utilizing a Bruel & Kjaer 2123 frequency analyzer. A chart type record was plotted to compare the acoustical output of the CARDIOCARE stethoscope with a major stethoscope manufacturer.

Chart #1 shows the comparison in acoustical performance between the two stethoscopes. The horizontal axis of the chart represents the frequency or spectral content of the sound in 1/3 octave frequency bands from 31.5 Hz to 16 kHz with A-weighted and unweighted levels shown on the right hand side. The vertical axis of chart #1 represents the linear sound pressure level in pascals. The red line represents the acoustical output from the CARDIOCARE stethoscope in response to the reference sound source. The blue line represents the acoustical output of a major manufacturer stethoscope in response to the same reference sound source.

The chart shows the the CARDIOCARE stethoscope has a higher level of acoustical output, especially in the high frequency region (1 kHz - 4 kHz) range than the 3M product.

The following is a Frequency-Amplitude graph comparing the quality of the Cardiocare (red) with the top Major Stethoscope Manufacturer (in black).


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